The Lots of Walks Group Ltd

Most Recommended Dog Walkers in Manchester

  • We will provide a flexible reliable service and
    we will turn up when we should
    We will treat your dog as if it were our own, or love your cat as much as you do

    We will include basic manners for your dog in our walks and we will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of your dog
    We will help you in any way we can to address any issues your dog may have, or recommend a Trainer if you feel its necessary
    We will post pics so you can see what he/she/they do when with us
    We will let you know if we are going to be late, and
    we will provide you with the very best service we can

  • You will let us know if your dog has any issues we should be aware of
    -you will ensure we know if you need to cancel a walk or if anything changes that will affect the normal routine
    You will make sure your dog has a collar on (or it is left by his lead)
    You will pay your bill on the terms we agree promptly

  • Cancelled walks:-
    we dont charge for cancelled walks UNLESS you have forgotten to tell us no walk required


    payment is due in advance - we offer discounts to say thank you for swift payment
    We cannot continue walks if payments are not made promptly and loath as we are to do it we will stop walks until payment is made

    We are Fully Insured but if your dog is the reason for the Accident/Incident
    then we would expect you to use your Insurance Cover for any bills that are incurred