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Helen Riley

Dog Walking & House Sitting

Dog Walks

We believe firmly in a flexible, reliable service, and are happy to walks dogs, on or off lead, to walk solo, or in small groups, to take dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments and to ensure they get the best experience possible

We are experienced, reliable, and are committed to providing great walks and value for money

From 30 min ambles  to Doggie Adventure Walks, Scent walking, Private Field Play, there is something for everyone

House Sitting

We offer a safe Home Sitting service based on overnight stays at your Home and to include an evening and morning walk, longer durations will have a lunchtime short walk included - please ask for a Bespoke Package to suit your every requirement

We will look after your home as if it were our own. While we predominantly house sit for dog or cat owners we have sat properties with no pets for security & peace of mind whilst the owners have enjoyed a holiday.

We believe dogs are happier in their own home if you need to go away or are on holiday. Their routine can be kept so they have their own bed and familiar surroundings.

They feel more relaxed and our sitter will stay overnight, provide walks and cuddles and make sure they are happy dogs.

Cats even more so. While some owners prefer just visits others want company . We're happy to provide that.

Curtains opened and closed, papers and post brought in, we can even sort out some shopping for your return- and even a cleaning or gardening service if needed.


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